The following are what I consider to be the most memorable experiences of my full-time travels, based on entirely subjective and changing criteria (with a bias for the original).


1. North Korea. My incredible visit to this mysterious country, in 7 parts:

Travelling to North Korea? Yes you can!

Is North Korea such a strange country? Most of the time, not really.

Is North Korea such a strange country? Sometimes, they are absolute FREAKS!

Sightseeing in Pyongyang: marble, marble and more marble.

Outside Pyongyang: driving around North Korea.

The Greatest Show on Earth: Pyongyang’s Mass Games!

Having fun in North Korea: roller coasters, microbreweries, bowling, Celine Dion karaoke, dog soup, movie studios and rice wine, lots of it!

2 – Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression, Part I: The Lava Lake of the Erta Ale Volcano.

3 – Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression, Part II: The Acid Lakes of the Dallol Volcano. 

4 – My visit to the most remote inhabited settlement in the World, Tristan da Cunha: Part IPart IIPart III.

5 – Canoe trip down the Zambezi River, Zambia-Zimbabwe border.

6 – Namibia’s Sossusvlei: climbing some of the highest – and oldest – sand dunes in the World.

7 – Camping in Etosha National Park, Northern Namibia.

8 – Amid the pirates of the Gulf of Aden: the lost world of Socotra Island, Yemen. 

9 – Camper van road trip on New-Zealand’s North Island.

10 – How I became an illegal immigrant – a tale of corruption in South Africa.

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