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There are 86 countries I have posted something about, out of the 111 I ever visited (now including all countries in Europe and South-East Asia). The ones with no stories are in light green. Because it is impossible to click on micro-countries, I kept my alphabetical list:


Summer vacation in Albania with my “Thai” friends. Aug 2014

Albania, part 2: getting a lot better as we travel to the old town of Gjirokastër. Aug 2014

Berat, Albania: where for the first time I met a guy actually named Elvis! Aug 2014

Last stop in Albania: the surprisingly cool capital, Tirana. Aug 2014


New Years Eve in Sydney! Dec 2012

On the prisoner’s road and other Tasmanian surprises. Jan 2013

Meeting friends in OZ: Melbourne and The Great Barrier Reef. Jan 2013


Weird things about Austria and Vienna pub crawl, extreme edition! Apr 2014

Innsbruck: Palaces, winter sports and beer vending machines. Sept 2014


Driving on a F1 circuit and visiting tiny Bahrain’s touristic sites. Nov 2013


Barbados: “Taxi driver, take us around the whole country!” Feb 2015


Back to the USSR! My surprising visit to Europe’s recluse, Belarus. Aug 2014


A few Belgium stops: food, more food, and World War I. Mar 2014

Beautiful Bruges and 6 surprising facts about potatoes I bet you didn’t know! Mar 2014


Mostar: beautiful and welcoming, yet still bearing the scars of war. Sept 2014

Revisiting the 20th century’s bloody history in rainy Sarajevo. Sept 2014


Etosha to Maun: accelerating the road trip. Nov 2012

The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans; where the Germans go to make noise. Nov 2012


National Day in Brunei: Partying from early morning until… noon. Feb 2013

How I became a journalist in Brunei! Feb 2013


Bulgaria: From beautiful medieval towns to “typical communist neighbourhoods”. Apr 2013


A short visit to a very troubled country. Aug 2013


My first video: Flying over Ottawa in a 1939 open cockpit biplane! July 2013

From Spain, France, Canada and America… I’m back! Nov 2014


Visiting Beijing – and trying not to get hit by a car. Sept 2013

Hiking the Great Wall and shopping in China. Oct 2013

Tibet, part 1: Monasteries, temples and other boring things. Oct 2013

Tibet, part 2: Incredible mountains, hot guides and weird fireworks. Oct 2013

Quick stopovers in Singapore and Hong Kong. Dec 2013 (with a couple of 2004 pics)

Visiting a friend in the impressive city of Guangzhou. Dec 2013

Shanghai: the biggest city in the world! Dec 2013


Dubrovnik: one of the most beautiful places in the world to buy a fridge magnet. Sept 2014.

A short return to Croatia: popular Split and pleasant Zagreb. Sept 2014.


My first visit to an un-recognized country: the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Mar 2014

Cyprus: outside party season, me look at culture things. Mar 2014


Prague: to see friends and because the flights to Vienna were too expensive! Apr 2014


Djibouti: big fish and not much else. Dec 2012


Dominica; once the unlikely Shangri-La of Canadian neo-Nazis and the American Ku Klux Klan! Jan 2014


Dominican Republic trip, resort-free and beach free: part 1. Feb 2015

Dominican Republic trip, resort-free and beach free: part 2. Feb 2015


My visit to a 12 year old country – and some medical tourism in Bali! Dec 2013


Estonia: Tallinn’s Old Town and fantastic maritime museum. Aug 2014

A visit to the remote (and very wet) Estonian countryside. Aug 2014


Arriving in Ethiopia: finally no more instant coffee! Nov 2012

The Danakil Depression, Part I: The Lava Lake of the Erta Ale Volcano. Nov 2012

The Danakil Depression, Part II: The Acid Lakes of the Dallol Volcano. Nov 2012


My last Nordic stop: Finland, a country with a very complicated recent history. Aug 2014


So I went to Beauvais. No, not Paris, Beauvais. And I liked it a lot! May 2014

From Spain, France, Canada and America… I’m back! Oct 2014


Freiburg (Elbe), Germany: where most people have travelled more than me! Jul 2014

Awesome Berlin: at times great, bad or sad. Now poor, but sexy! Jul 2014

Potsdam: Berlin’s beautiful – but less famous – version of Versailles. Jul 2014

Oktoberfest! Sept 2014


36 hour trip: Portugal, Spain, the U.K. and Africa! Apr 2013


Athens: protests, good food, and a whole lot of marble. Mar 2013

My trip to the Centre of the World: The Oracle of Delphi. Mar 2013

Northern Greece: Thessaloniki and the Great Monasteries of Meteora. Mar 2013

Two quick transits in very different towns: Krakow and Corfu. Aug 2014


Grenada: a beautiful little country to invade… I mean visit! Jan 2014


Haiti two ways; a glimpse into the local life and the expat life. Feb 2015


Stepping back in the past: a communist tour of Budapest. Apr 2014

Budapest: a sad history, some cool “ruin bars” and incredible architecture. Apr 2014


Diving and cooking in Bali, the island with only four first names! Feb 2013

Java: I’ll stick to the coffee, thank you. Feb 2013

My visit to a 12 year old country – and some medical tourism in Bali! Dec 2013 (mostly about East Timor)


Dublin: the most crack I ever had in a single day. July 2014


Not interested in visiting Israel? No problem, go to Tel-Aviv! Mar 2014

Hebron: my very small introduction to the big conflict. Mar 2014

My poorly planned visit to Jerusalem and a few stops on the North Coast. Mar 2014


A short stop in Rome. Sept 2012

A bunch of random pictures from my numerous transits through Italy. Apr 2013

Venice, The Floating City: no story yet, just a dozen pictures. Sept 2014

In Venice there are no streets. We all know it, but it’s still pretty cool to see. Sept 2014


Kenya, my brand new No 1 destination not to go to. Jul-Sep 2013


Travelling to North Korea? Yes you can! Sept 2013

Is North Korea such a strange country? Most of the time, not really. Sept 2013

Is North Korea such a strange country? Sometimes, they are absolute FREAKS! Sept 2013

Sightseeing in Pyongyang: marble, marble and more marble. Sept 2013

Outside Pyongyang: driving around North Korea. Sept 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth: Pyongyang’s Mass Games. Sept 2013


South Korea, that nice country where I stayed in my hotel, writing about North Korea. Oct 2013

The United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea, the only UN cemetery in the World. Oct 2013


A few quiet days in Egypt. Wait… I mean Kuwait! Nov 2013


Latvia: my last stop in the North of Europe… and a pretty big milestone for me! Aug 2014


A week in Laos: Good bread, Bad weather and Ugly potions. Feb-Mar 2013


Hiking in Lesotho. Sept 2012

Pony trekking in Lesotho. Sept 2012


Before a travel break in Canada, a few days in Lithuania. May 2014


Total chaos in Luxembourg: somebody made a graffiti! Apr 2013


Southern Macedonia: good food, good beer and bad weather. Mar 2013

Skopje: Brand new old city on the battlefront of the ketchup wars. Mar 2013


My so-called trip to Malawi, and why I will never do a G Adventure overland trip again. Aug 2013


“Blog Prequel” #2: another nowadays unsafe destination, Mali. 2006


Six days in Kuala Lumpur over Christmas: relaxing, shopping and taking a vacation from the blog. Sorry, no post! (but future pictures will use a new lens from KL). Dec 2012

Kuala Lumpur re-visited (brought to you by Air Asia – sort of). Feb 2013


Malta, a beautiful country where you can go to… not dive. Apr 2013


Moldova, the European country richer than Sudan. Just barely. Apr 2014

So I went to Transnistria, I think. Or is it Moldova? Russia? The Soviet Union? Apr 2014


A modest car may cost over $100,000 in Singapore, but in Monaco, a parking spot costs half a million! Apr 2013


Montenegro: a lot of history for an 8 year old country! Sept 2014


A week of chilling on the coast in remote Mozambique. Sept 2013


Myanmar: Catholic eggs, Nazi bikers and the floating villages of Inle Lake. Mar 2013

Visiting the temples of Myanmar – and exploiting people’s lack of access to credit (not me, of course!). Mar 2013


A ghost town, wild horses and the world sailing speed record! Oct 2012

The incredible sand dunes of the world’s oldest desert. Oct 2012

More sand dunes, salty flamingos and the Skeleton Coast. Oct 2012

Enjoying “traditional” Namibian celebrations… Oct 2012

Camping in Etosha National Park. Oct 2012


Nepal: Hiking amongst the highest mountains in the World. Nov 2013


Zorbing with Hobbits and glowworms in Northern New Zealand. Jan 2013

Christchurch: where real earthquakes meet fake engineers. Jan 2013


1,318 km from the North Pole: my visit to the northernmost town on Earth! Jul 2014

Barentsburg: A step into the High Arctic past, as the past steps into the future. Jul 2014

Water? Check. Polar bear detecting dog? Check. Rifle? Check. Let’s go climb Trollsteinen! Jul 2014

My expensive Norwegian rebel lifestyle, with my “African” friends from Oslo. Jul 2014


Oman: big mosques, long history and a dictator who seems to be a nice guy. Nov 2013


Diving in the Philippines – and narrowly missing typhoon Haiyan. Nov 2013


Auschwitz. Aug 2014

The Wielicza Salt Mine, where tour guides say it’s OK to lick the walls! Aug 2014

Two quick transits in very different towns: Krakow and Corfu. Aug 2014


Taking a vacation from travelling in lovely Portugal (if that makes any sense). Apr 2013


Puerto Rico; where you wait for your cruise to start. Jan 2014


Qatar: the old, the new, the beautiful and the delightfully fake. Nov 2013


Balcony speeches in Bucharest: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mar 2014

The World’s 2nd largest public building: Bucharest’s former “Palace of the People”. Mar 2014

Castles, vampires and the Inquisition: a macabre trip to Transylvania. Mar 2014

Romania redux: from revolutions to crucifixions. Apr 2014


I went to Russia! Episode 1: Visiting St-Petersburg… in the 19th century. Aug 2014

I went to Russia! Episode 2: how to go without a visa and why I don’t understand Russia. Aug 2014


Kigali, a rapidly changing city and its tragic history. Aug 2013

Volcanoes National Park and the Congolese border. Aug 2013


Saint Lucia; volcanoes, bananas, tourists and… geniuses? Feb 2015


San Marino: tiny post about my super short visit to the mini-country. Apr 2013


Belgrade: when the weather won’t cooperate, go for the food – and the alcohol! Apr 2013


Getting Lego-ized with Janis Joplin in Singapore. Feb 2013

Quick stopovers in Singapore and Hong Kong. Dec 2013


Rain, swans and waterfalls in picturesque Bled, Slovenia. Sept 2014

Ljubljana, the European capital with the hardest name to spell, and the Slovenian coast. Sept 2014


The land of Chuck Norris: Prague, Slovakia (or so the Germans say). Apr 2014


Clarens and the Free State – A lesson in poor planning. Sept 2012

Starting my big South Africa Road Trip. Oct 2012

How I became an illegal immigrant. Nov 2012

The end of the big road trip. Nov 2012


36 hour trip: Portugal, Spain, the U.K. and Africa! Apr 2013

From Spain, France, Canada and America… I’m back! Oct 2014


Sri Lanka: a nice country I just didn’t feel like visiting. Nov 2013


Flyboarding in St Kiits and Nevis. Jan 2013


Ikea, meatballs and naked girls: my super stereotypical trip to Sweden. Jul 2014


My first blog “prequel”: visiting Syria during the war of 2006. Summer 2006.


Game drive in the Serengeti: lions, elephants, giraffes, unicorns and vampires. Aug 2013

Visiting a Masai village and a game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater. Aug 2013

Zanzibar pizza, scuba diving, killer ants, booze cruises and other bits of Tanzania. Aug 2013


A quick stop in Thailand, and some recollections of past visits. Dec 2013 (and a few pictures from 2004 and 2010)


Sailing to the most remote settlement in the World. Sept-Oct 2012

Part IPart IIPart III 


Back in Africa! First stop: Uganda. July 2013

Wildlife and waterfalls of Uganda. July 2013

Game Drive in Murchison Falls National Park. July 2013

Video: Rafting the White Nile. July 2013


Odessa: how Catherine the Great’s idea turned into a booming city. Apr 2014

Having fun in Lviv, and reliving my recent stay in Odessa, after the May 2 riot. Apr 2014

Kiev’s Maidan Square, still very much occupied in early May 2014. May 2014

Revisiting Kiev’s Maidan Square; the month the barricades fell. Aug 2014

Chernobyl and the ghost town of Prypyat; almost 30 years after the explosion. Aug 2014

Ukrainian non-story: just a few happy pictures, for a change. Aug 2014 (pictures from May)


Dubai: Boom or Bust? Nov 2013 (with one picture from my trip there in 2004!)

Burj Khalifa: Because the tallest building in the world gets its own post. Nov 2013


Road Trip! (And the postponement of my round-the-world voyage…). May 2013

Nashville to Huntsville: Tow trucks and big rockets. May 2013

The airline lost your suitcase? I found it… and I bought it! May 2013

Arkansas: unlikely birthplace of the Tycoon, the General and the President. June 2013

Celebrating the Renaissance and visiting submarines in the vast plains of Oklahoma! June 2013

The Badlands of North Dakota, and a few stops on the way there. June 2013

Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the end of the road trip. June 2013

I visited Kentucky’s Museum of Creation. Sorry… Feb 2015


The US Virgin Islands: America, Caribbean style. Jan 2014


A quick morning visit to the Vatican. Sept 2012


Three days in Sana’a – Number of tourists met: zero. Dec 2012

Around Sana’a: the villages, my fake identities and the hostage takers. Dec 2012

The lost world of Socotra; vultures, sharks and bleeding trees. Dec 2012


Routine days in Livingstone: rafting level 5 rapids, eating bugs and breaking 2 trucks in one day. Nov 2012

Canoeing amongst the animals of the Lower Zambezi National Park. Nov 2012

Revisiting Zambia and the end of my organized road trip. Aug 2013


7 top travel destinations for “Wow!” factor. Jul 2014

Rare travel complaints: possibly my worst Atlantic crossing ever! July 2014

I did what? Yes, I went on a cruise! Jan 2014

African mishaps and my somewhat random top 10 travel tips. Sep 2013


Countries visited prior to starting the blog. I may write some “blog prequels” about some of them when I get a chance. (2014 edit: I did, twice)

Afghanistan (2004)

Algeria (2006)

Andorra (2011)

Bahamas (2006)

Belize (2010)

Bolivia (2006)

Brazil (2012)

Cambodia (2012)

Costa Rica (2005)

Denmark (2005)

Ghana (2006)

Guatemala (2010)

Iceland (2011)

Jordan (2006)

Liechtenstein (2011)

Mexico (2004, 2008, 2011)

Morocco (2006)

Netherlands (2011)

Panama (2010)

Peru (2006)

Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines (1989)

Switzerland (2011)

Tunisia (2006)

Turkey (2011)

Vietnam (2012)

5 thoughts on “Travel map – 111 countries visited!

    • Thanks Mr Tran, even though nobody has called me by that nickname since I was 16! I hope you and Mrs Tran still travel the World the way you used to. By the way, earlier last year, before this big trip, I went to Vietnam and loved it.

  1. Hi Colin, we are not travelling as much overseas nowadays. In ten days, we are going to do a road trip to Houston, New Orleans,Tempa,Myrtle Beach, DC and back to Montreal. Closer to home, but nontheless, it’s time to explore the Obamaland. Upon returning from this land trip, Diep and I may (the contract is not yet signed) go back to Singapore for a project relating to Myanmar for two months. The summer has already been booked for a visit to Toulouse to spend time with Tran’s family. Inshalah! But not many people can cover the globe like you Colin. That’s a great line to include in your resume for the PM job in Ottawa :) Why not? You got my vote.

  2. Interesting; I did a triangle road trip in Texas a few years back and loved it (Dallas-Austin-San Antonio-Houston-Dallas). I highly recommend the Houston Space Centre, but of course that’s not everybody’s interest.

    A project in Singapore related to Myanmar? I was in Singapore 2 days ago and in about 10 days, I’ll be in Myanmar! I got the visa here in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

    I may not know what I want to do when I grow up, but I have been around Ottawa enough to know one thing: I will never work for a Government ever again… let alone form one! But thanks for the vote of confidence 😉

  3. Oh, and if you like mountains, hiking (and shopping) and you are in Toulouse, I also highly recommend visiting Andorra. Outside of the big tax-free shopping outlets, this tiny country is absolutely magnificent.

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