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  1. Colin
    I much enjoy your narative and photos.
    I think there may be a problem with the comment section of your site so I wont post any more.
    Keep it up and us informed.
    PS I will forward to Maurice at his request.

    • Hi James,

      No problem with the comments. I was getting a lot of automated spam, so I changed the settings. Now, the only comments accepted are from people with at least one previously approved comment. I just approved this one, so you should be good.



  2. Hi Colin, so you are one your way as promised,don’t forget your date in was it New Zealand! by the way it was 192 Countries. Haven’t heard from the others beside Björn
    I am not yet on the road again, but soon1

  3. Gustav,

    I’m very sorry I minimized your exploit by so much! Before you get on the road, let me know where you are going. I’m sure it will be a crazy destination, so there is a good chance I’ll see you there.

    Right now I have been going around touristic places for 48 hours and I have yet to see another tourist. I’ll let you know where I am once I get out… no need to make it easy for the terrorists!


  4. Hi Colin, just had a few sunny days in Sao Nicolao, now on the way to Carretera Austral in Chile. Whats your next estination? if you come to Germany, visit me – if I am there!

  5. H, Colin.
    This is Maksim, we met on the bus when going from Skopje to Sofia.
    And I am the guy who visited 76 countries 😉
    Since that time I went sightseeing in Sofia, then flew to Chisinau, Moldova (77th country by the way ;)) and now I’m in Odessa, Ukraine 😉
    My vacation is only one week so I need to move quickly.
    Unfortunately all my postings about it are in Russian, no time for one more language.


    • Hey Maksim,

      I enjoyed the Egypt photos (I have never been there). When I am on a less rushed trips, I will take more of a look. As far as the Russian goes, Google Translate goes a long way. Sometimes it’s completely ridiculous, but I generally understand what you are talking about!


      PS: Writing from Luxembourg, my country #60 😉

      • I’m already at home, since 7th April, after having visited Bulgaria, Macedonia and Moldova, as well as Odessa and Kiev in Ukraine (which I already visited many years ago). So my score is now 77 😉

        I think Russian is very hard for automatic translation because each word has very many forms.

        • Sounds like a nice trip; have fun planning the next one. To be honest, a lot of the automatically translated Russian makes no sense at all!

  6. Sorry we didn’t have more time to chat on board the Rome Toronto flight. I will be following you on your future “happy trails” a fellow traveller, Deborah Emslie, sky goddess extraordinaire 😉

    • Thanks. I’ll still be waiting for an email with suggestions from your own travels to crazy places :-) Check out my “Best adventures” for some of mine.

      BTW: after you, Diane and your other colleague all came separately before landing to say “Nice to meet you, have a good time, etc”, I think the other passengers were looking at me thinking I was some sort of celebrity!

  7. I stumbled upon your website by chance. BBC had an article about Lesotho and it being referred to as the Sky Kingdom. I googled “hiking in Lesotho” and your site was one of the search results. I am so happy to have found it and have read all of your North Korea section. Absolutely fascinating commentary mixed with great humor and photography. I look forward to reading about all your other trips.

    Best Regards,

    Glendale, AZ

    • Thanks a lot for the compliments John. Sorry I seemed to have ignored your comment for a week; sometimes I answer in my head but forget to follow through in reality!

  8. Salut Colin! Un ancien collègue de Brébeuf qui vient de découvrir ton site, eh oui c’est moi Marc-Aurèle. Je suis jaloux de tous les voyages que tu as fait dans plus de 100 pays. As-tu visité l’Afrique de l’Ouest? J’ai découvert l’Afrique il y a 10 ans. J’ai eu la chance de visiter le Sénégal, le Mali, la Guinée, le Bénin, leTogo, la Côte d’Ivoire et le Burkina Faso. À chaque fois ce fut des voyages mémorables. Je ne rêve que d’y retourner. Comme il y a 54 pays en Afrique, incluant les iles, j’espère pouvoir tous les visiter. Bravo pour ton site, ça donne encore plus envie de voyager!

    Marc-Aurèle Marsan

    • Merci Marc-Aurèle,

      Durant ces deux années et demi de voyage presqu’à temps plein, j’ai surtout visité le sud et l’est de l’Afrique. Mais il y a quelques années, j’ai un peu travaillé au Ghana et au Mali. Durant une courte pause de voyage, j’ai même écrit un “blog prequel” à propos d’un voyage au Mali en 2006. Les “top” pays que je peux te recommander en Afrique si tu ne les a pas déjà visités: Namibie, Afrique du Sud, Ethiopie, Uganda. Mais bon, je ne sais pas ce que tu recherche en voyage.

      Au plaisir,

      • Salut Colin! Merci pour ta réponse. Je n’ai pas visité les quatre pays africains du sud et de l’est. Un jour j’irai. Je suis photographe d’abord mais je ne recherche pas seulement de belles images à prendre. J’aime l’Afrique surtout pour les gens qui l’habite. J’ai rencontré beaucoup de personnes fantastiques. Si tout va bien, je retourne en Afrique à la fin de cette année. Mais j’ignore quel pays en particulier.

        À la prochaine

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