My name is Colin and I have lived in Canada all my life. In mid 2012, I decided to quit my job, give control of my business to my partner, sell my car and put all my things in storage in order to travel the World full-time for a while.

Before starting this trip, I had already been to 39 countries on 5 continents, but I wanted to go places where you just can’t go in a couple of weeks of vacation. I left Canada on the 4th of September 2012 and finally put this blog together the next month (after a month without internet access, more on that later). I want to maintain it as best I can and share my experiences with anyone who is interested. This may help me convince friends and family that I am not completely crazy. More likely, I hope I can convince myself I’m not.

To find out a little bit more about me and why I embarked on this journey, read my first post: The Big Decision

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  1. Hey Colin, I’m enthusiastically enjoying your blog. Your writing style is captivating as it allows the reader to walk the journey with you. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures – it makes visiting places like Greece seem that much closer.

    • Thanks Amanda!

      I hope you do make it to Greece, but unless you want to go clubbing on the islands, don’t go in the summer! I for one may very well try your other website’s “Raw Vegan Pad Thai” in the next few days :-)


  2. Hi Colin. What is your current status? Still circling the globe? Or, have you stopped back at home, to recoup and recharge?

    • Hi Patrick. Sorry for the slow answer, I was indeed busy with other things. In Ottawa at the moment, but my latest post about the Dominican Republic explains why the real world took away my online life for the last few months. Cheers! Colin

  3. Just read the article on your visit to Haiti and it inspired me to visit. I almost quit my job also to travel but I quickly remembered the mortgage is due in a few days :)

    Keep traveling and stay safe.

  4. Colin, I just stumbled across your blog while researching about Yemen. What fantastic stories and an easy, flowing narrative throughout! I’ve just spent two terrific hours vicariously visiting those countries. Thanks for writing about it all. There is something concrete and relatable in ‘real person’ travel blogs as opposed to blogs by travel writers (which are well and good in their own way but are clearly the result of a person constantly focused on finding a story to write about, rather than a regular person telling a story that you’ve never heard). Yours is real and a delight to read.


    • Thanks for the nice words Paul!

      I have developed a little blog fatigue recently. Your comment is motivating me to write about the round the Great Lakes trip I took a few months ago, as well as the “short” South American trip I am currently on. I’m at 118 countries visited since yesterday.

      I absolutely don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but in the odd chance you are a “dreamer type” who doesn’t follow the news, I have but one piece of advice: don’t go to Yemen!!! [All jokes aside, someone recently asked me about a trip they were actually planning to Socotra]


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