Ukrainian non-story: just a few happy pictures, for a change.

Between the ongoing Ukrainian conflict and my visit to Chernobyl, I decided to post some happy Kiev pictures, mostly taken in May of this year. No comments, no politics, just happy Kiev.


A traditional dance festival.


A wedding at St-Andrew’s Church.


The colourful St-Michael’s Golden Dome Monastery.


The guardians of historical monuments finding some humour in difficult times.



Kiev has lots of artists. And probably some narcotics.


I forgot the name of this guy. Apparently a popular character in Soviet children’s television.


Local lore says that in the old days, if some of the contents of a merchant’s caravan fell on the street, it became the property of the Crown. Because of this, the main trade routes within the old city were deliberately paved as unevenly as possible!


And as I am sure you were dying to know, Ottawa is 7,215 km from Kiev.

That’s all. I just felt like writing something not depressing. On the blog, it will fall between my Chernobyl and Auschwitz stories…


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