Video: Rafting the White Nile

I will start by managing expectations. This video will not make the Best of Extreme Sports DVD anytime soon. It would only be exciting to an Ethiopian nomad from the Danakil Desert who has never seen a river, a raft, or a laptop. I mainly made it for the folks I rafted with. It’s under five minutes, but if you get bored, jump to 2:40, it gets a little more exciting.

The rapids were nice, but there are only 8 or 9 sets of them. By comparison, the Lower Zambezi has almost thirty you can go through on a normal rafting day.

Credit: Safari Par Excellence

Credit: Safari Par Excellence

A shot from my rafting experience last December in Livingstone, Zambia. We just hit walls of water at some points. You have to be comfortable in the water, because when you fall in the Zambezi’s level 5 rapids, the river decides when you breath next, not you. You may only have to wait 10 seconds, but that is more than enough to panic some people, as I witnessed a few times.

I’ll be back in Zambia in three weeks and I already can’t wait to raft the Zambezi again!


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