Game Drive in Murchison Falls National Park

Early morning departure for the game drive in Murchison Falls National Park. Not much to say about it, a game drive is a game drive, so hope you enjoy the pictures.


I was upset with the tour company that we left as late as 07:00, which is much too late for an early morning game drive, but they had no choice as this is the National Park opening hour.


Within a few kilometres, the scenery would change completely.


Even without the animals, the park is quite beautiful.


Luckily for them, camouflage is not the main defence mechanism of the giraffe.


For the first hour or so, the only other tourists I saw were those in our group’s second vehicle. This led me to believe that the park may not be as busy as others I have visited, such as Etosha National Park, in Namibia.


Somehow, the animals seemed more curious of our presence, like this Uganda Kob.


And it wasn’t a coincidence, they all seemed interested in us.


The hartebeest are not that common in the park, but they are impossible to miss because their defence mechanism involves climbing on high ground and looking around for predators.


Waterbuck. Maybe it’s the furry neck, but for some reason, I feel this animal belongs more in Canada than in Uganda.


Even the giraffes interrupted breakfast to take a look at us.


Zoom in and look at the flies around this buffalo’s head. It partly explains why they like to be covered in mud.


All the buffalos were curious about us.


One got a little too curious!


Not the easiest bird to spot in a tree.


We hoped the vulture would lead us to lions eating, but no such luck. We didn’t see any lions, or leopards, although these are notoriously hard to see. Lions hide in the shade during the day. Here this means in thick brush, where you cannot see them. I think it’s easier in parks where they tend to hide under trees.


A local variety of Kingfisher, standing on a papyrus plant, with a hippo in the background.


The closest I have ever been to a hippo on land in broad daylight. Not a common sight.


Dozens of water birds resting on an island of hippos! In the background, the Blue Mountains of Congo (DRC). Unfortunately, not a safe place to visit these days.


Big animals, aquatic or land-based are resting points of choice for the area’s birds.


Elephants don’t really do anything small. While the front trunk has many uses, one would think the rear one is only for urination and reproduction. One would be wrong.


As it turns out, it can be used to scratch an itch! I can’t believe I got this shot; it only lasted a couple of seconds.


The local giraffes are called Rothschild’s giraffes. They are one of the most threatened giraffe sub-species.


They are rather pale when they are young.


And grow much darker as they age. This one is probably thinking about reverse mortgages right now.


So, if I gave you the desire to visit Murchison Falls National Park, here’s a map so you know how to get there.

Next stop, Rwanda.


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  1. Tes photos sont magnifiques ! Ton père est heureux que l’avertissement ne te concerne pas – sourire.

  2. Wow! Great pics, Colin! As for the “scratching” pic, I can’t help but wonder how this interesting talent of the revered elephant escaped my attention until now.

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