Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the end of the road trip.

I made the decision that despite having let myself fall behind on the blog, I was not going to start another big trip without finishing the story of the previous one. So here I am, writing this in a hurry at the Montreal Airport lounge, thinking I will proofread it in the plane and post it tomorrow morning in Brussels. Hopefully that works!


While driving in the vast emptiness of South Dakota, I was oddly reminded of Namibia. In some way, the scenery was the same, with red or beige replaced by green.


An impressive site for sure, but I have to admit I have always found this pharaonic monument a little out of place in the United States.


When the main sculptor died, the work stopped, but this is what the monument was intended to look like; full busts rather than just heads.


With people, to give an idea of the size.


Close to Mount Rushmore an even more grandiose project is under construction: the Crazy Horse Memorial. At the request of a Lakota elder, Korczak Ziolkowski, a Polish American sculptor, started working on the monument in 1948. He died decades later, having barely started it, and now 7 of his 10 children work on the epic project. For ideological reasons, they have always rejected public funds and rely only on entrance fees. The white model shows what the whole thing will look like once completed. Continue reading

The Badlands of North Dakota, and a few stops on the way there.

I confess to having been very negligent with my travel blog lately. As I am about to embark on another big trip tomorrow, I will quickly post a few pictures of the final legs of my Mid-South and Mid-West US road trip, which I completed last month.


“I never would have been President if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota.” The least visited state in the Union is home to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in an area known as the Badlands. Although I didn’t have my friend James’ luck in witnessing a thunderstorm over the black hills, I found it amazing anyways. The highlight of this trip for me. Here are a few more pictures.




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